Did Ja Rule Warn A-Listers Not To Attend Fyre Festival Ahead Of Time?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Poor Ja Rule; the man just can’t catch a break.

Ja Rule is one of the people involved with the disastrous Fyre Festival who is not only facing much backlash, but also a $100 million lawsuit.

While Ja has apologized for the failure of an event, he still maintains that the disaster is not his fault.

Pictures surfaced online of a tent-filled, cheese sandwich mess that was previously advertised as a a luxury private island escape.

According to PageSix, Ja and organizer Billy McFarland may have known that things were going to go left way ahead of time.

“They called all the A-list names and the modeling agencies and told them not to come. They were just like, ‘Oh, come next weekend when all the kinks have been worked out.’ This was before the chaos even started.

“Everybody who was organizing the festival took off. They abandoned it. They put up a sh—y stage, took millions of dollars, and then left everybody stranded. It was like a scene out of that movie ‘Exodus.’ There were people with bags, not knowing what to do. I feared for people’s safety, it got so bad,” said an inside source.

The festival has been described as the Hunger Games but with less luxury! Damn Ja! Billy McFarland, also allegedly partied on a yacht Thursday while other people suffered. SMDH