Are Jay Z and DMX Coming Together?


Did Jay Z Just Sign DMX?

This is interesting. The world recently saw the reunion of DMX, Ja Rule and Jay Z – the original Murder Inc. That was a dope moment in history. Now the word on the “streets” (is there any such thing these days?) is that Jay Z is looking to sign DMX to The Roc. I doubt this is true, but I am thinking that maybe it is the management part of it.

DMX, despite his woes, is still a bankable artist in terms of touring and media. Looking for him to make giant records like before is not realistic, but he can get tour money like crazy. Anyway, there is one reason that this could not be true, aside from the unlikely possibility off the top.

These two are crazy competitive. Remember this?

FOI got in the mix! 1999 was a beast of a year! Hip-Hop!

Before that, they met up in the Bronx. But who won?

Anyway, here are a few times where Jay Z and DMX collaborated, which is better than any battle.