Joe Budden Calls Nicki Minaj Stupid For Liking Meek Mill


Joe Budden recently decided to address a couple of things on his latest podcast, ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later Episode 68’ He took a moment to discuss Drake dissing him on “4 PM in Calabasas,” he confirmed that Drake took his ex, Tahiry, on vacation and he also took shots at Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill (44:00)

Joe Budden called Nicki Minaj stupid because she likes stupid n-ggas like Meek Mill. Ouch. Nicki Minaj responded to some of Joe Budden’s previous comments when she suggested that he have fun with his little podcast. Joe accused Nicki of trying to be slick, and he said Nicki sounded real stupid.

“I know she’s stupid ’cause she likes stupid n-ggas because Meek is stupid,” said Budden.

Budden said he doesn’t feel offended by Nicki saying have fun with your little podcast because he says every major mind has a podcast.The Barbz definitely weren’t feeling it. Will we be seeing a Meek Mill Joe Budden diss soon?