Justine Skye Takes Shots At ‘Empire’ & What Singer?


Once again another artist is claiming that ‘Empire’ is biting them. ‘Empire’ used to be the hottest thing on television, but lately the show has seen a continuous dip in ratings. Regardless, the show still has a following and everyone under the son claims the show is about their life and artistry. Everyone wants a piece of the ‘Empire’ publicity pie. Here’s the latest claim. Singer Justine Skye seems to feel like Empire ripped her off for Alicia Key’s new guest role on the show. Alicia Key’s character’s name is Skye Summers, and like Justine, Skye Summers has purple hair. Justine Skye posted a photo of Alicia on set with the caption,

“My check must be in the mail #empire.”

Is Justine reaching with this one?

Justin Skye

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