Free The Wave: Kanye Wants To Help Max B Get Out Of Prison?


As of late, Kanye West, has been working to cultivate and maintain his humility. Mr. West, was recently instrumental in breaking up a fight between dueling paps. Now it seems as though he has been using his passionate energy to help free the incarcerated. Yeezus personally reached out to French Montana to inquire as to how he could help Max B, this according to Hot 97.

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In the telephone interview the Wave Gods rapper explained the encounter with West. French said, “He’s probably the first one to call me, out of nowhere, when his album just dropped, like an hour after it dropped, and just asked me, ‘What can we do to get Max B out?'” As the conversation continued Yeezy expressed his inherent respect for Max B’s creativity.

Montana mentioned that Kanye then declared, “”Let me use my power to get him out,’That never happened before from nobody. So, I got a lot of respect for him for that, because you know how much Max B means to me and the culture of Hip-Hop.’”