Silence Is Golden: Kanye Forced Fashion Show Crew To Agree To This?


Photo Credit: Instagram

The  Yeezy Season 3 fashion show has gone down in history. Yeezus proactively worked to ensure that it was all good.  Certain stipulations were enforced for the crew that was invited behind the curtain.

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The chosen few who toiled in Yeezyland were forced to sign a confidentiality contract. A binding agreement spelled out, “All members of the Kardashian, Jenner and West familites,” are strictly off-limits. If anyone were to peep to the press about Kanye’s clan they will face a hefty lawsuit.

If this oath is breached, then a vengeful ‘Ye will pursue a damage claim for  “not less than ten million dollars, this according to TMZ.

Is this a mere scare tactic or could Kanye actually collect on any future damage claims?