Kanye West Has Allegedly Been Unstable Since Halloween


(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Kanye West has been unstable for a while.

Sources close to Kanye West have revealed that things haven’t been normal for Kanye since at least Halloween.

Although we witnessed Kanye having a breakdown day-after-day out on the road during the Saint Pablo tour, sources close to West have told People that there were signs of trouble as early as Halloween.

“He wasn’t making a lot of sense when he talked, and he was texting a lot of strange stuff to people. Not dangerous, but he just didn’t make a lot of sense,” says the source.

The insider claims that Kanye is often talking on another level than most, but his speeches [lately] had been on another level.

The source explains that Ye was texting and calling people around the clock because he wasn’t sleeping. Apparently this rough patch with Yeezy had also put a strain on his marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Ye’s wife, Kim K, suffered a pretty traumatic experience two months prior to Kanye’s public breakdown, which also has put a bit of emotional strain on his life coupled with the fact that the anniversary of his mother’s death just passed as well.
The source says,

“The pressure had gotten to him and he didn’t handle it well,” says the source. “He made himself exhausted. But [the exhaustion] was a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself.”

I don’t truly believe that Kanye has gotten all of the help or rest he needs. With this said, besides the obvious, this is a whole ‘nother reason why Ye shouldn’t be meeting with Trump.

I’m willing to bet these problems were evident long before Halloween though. Oh Yeezy.