Kanye West And The Game Are In The Studio!

The Game Kanye West

The Game and Kanye West are in the studio. but are very coy about what is going on. Read the details!

Kanye West.

The Game.

It appears that bygones have been bygones with Kanye West and The Game. A few years ago, you might remember, The Game disrespected Kanye West by admitting to sleeping with Kim Kardashian. And he said some other stuff as well that was certainly undesired content by any stretch of a married imagination. Well, now that Kanye is no longer with his wife it seems as though he is OK with being cool with The Game again.

And it seems like they are already in the studio cooking up some heat. Now we don’t know exactly how hot it is, because there’s no audio evidence of the music, but they posted boomerang clips and some other stuff to let everybody know that they are working.

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This is a good thing!

Kanye West has been a vessel for so many people to be successful, that is crazy! I am beside myself! This kind of cool. I think he needs people to ground him in the world of Hip-Hop again. The Kardashian family took him into a zone that was not really appreciated by fans. That pop world was more like a bubble.

People miss the old Kanye so it’s almost cliché how much people say that. At any rate, we are looking at a sew error – I mean era – with Kanye and Friends. It just seems as though he is ready to return home (home is Hip-Hop). After the whole Trump fiasco, I’m not sure if people want to hear him. However, I think that this is a good way to start the process. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit that The Game would benefit from it too. The Game has not exactly been killing the game, primarily because he has a lawsuit that garnishes his music wages. Either way, let’s see what they cook up. 

Who remembers this?