Kanye West Clears Up A $100,000 Worth Of Confusion!

“The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.” – Oscar Wilde

Thus far, the book of Yeezus continues to be written. By and large, with diligent effort, the revolutionary rapper is evolving into a cultural icon. So, somehow Kanye West manages to take time out of his day. In fact, he effortless clears up a $100,000 worth of confusion!

As of late, Ye is figuring out his new normal. Currently, the acclaimed artist, along with his estrange wife, are delving into very public divorce proceedings. In addition, to the pending divorce the couple’s respective dating shenanigans are becoming absolutely epic.

Regardless, the level of background cacophony, Kanye West keeps focusing on his music. Moreover, the spotlight always shines most brightly upon the Jeen-Yuhs subject’s creativity. So, with the highly-anticipated Donda 2 — which happens to drop on Feb. 22, 2022 — the world anxiously awaits.

However, it seems as though, with the world, Future is already sharing some of Yeezy’s precious gems. Recently, via his personal Instagram account, Mr. Freebandz issues a rather challenging post. Although, the interaction has since been deleted, the good folks over at The Shade Room still has the receipts.

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Furthermore, the curious caption reads, “F### FLOWERS SENDA HUNDRED THOUSAND.” So, naturally many assume the ATLien is referencing a wonderous gift for Valentine’s Day. Actually, what is better than a bouquet of Blue Faces? Be that as it may, a humble Kanye West humbly sets the record straight.

Consequently, the “All Mine” MC adds context to the curious post. Mr. West includes, “I’m so honored that Future quoted my bars from Donda 2. Go to stemplayer.com to purchase,” comments a cajoling Kanye.

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Ultimately, Future is producing Ye’s upcoming effort. There’s nothing like more publicity, right?