Were Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Banned From Oscar Parties?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Say it ain’t so!

Word on the street is that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got a little reality check over Oscars weekend.

Apparently the celebrity couple isn’t exactly as Hollywood or A-list as they’d like to think.

As anyone would, apparently Kimmy Kakes wanted to attend the Oscar after parties but she wasn’t invited to ANY this year!

According to RadarOnline, KimYe was flat-out rejected from several of this year’s biggest Oscar after-parties!

“Kim was hoping to go to the Vanity Fair party, or really any party. But she didn’t receive an invitation!” said an insider.

Apparently Kanye and Kim have been denied access to post-Oscar celebrations in the past as well…so much so that Kim is said to not have attended one since Elton John’s 2014 bash.

Hollywood can be hell a lot of times, but it seems to me that the parties wouldn’t mind the extra press from the couple attending. Then again, they love to keep things exclusive, and to remind you that your name is NOT on the list.

The Wests are said to have watched the award show at home this year. That’s so unfortunate as their “friends” Jay Z and Beyonce were definitely spotted at the “functions”. LOL.

“They watched the show at home. Kim is often reminded that she is not a real star when she goes to any of these things, but she and Kanye really wanted to have a fun night out,” said the source.

Ouch! They are banning KimYe nowadays?! Be nice Hollywood; be nice!