Kanye West To Get $200 Million From New Deal With Apple?


When rumors started flying that Kanye West was ready to break from Tidal and team up with Apple, people were asking: Why would Ye jump ship from his bro Jay Z’s new company to go partner with his rival? Well, new rumors may explain exactly why Kanye could be switching teams.

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The Internet is buzzing with talk that Ye could be getting nearly $200 million (twice his reported net worth) in a deal with Apple. The situation is also said to involve Apple releasing Kanye’s SWISH album for free and Apple buying stake in Kanye’s creative design company DONDA.

It gets even messier when you realize that DONDA entered into a partnership with Jay’s Roc Nation a few years back and Kanye is signed to the Roc’s management wing.

To be clear, this is all rumor at the moment, but Apple is holding its big annual event next week and a lot of huge news is expected to come out then. We’ll have to wait and see if a Kanye/Apple partnership is on the agenda.

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