Kanye West’s Stepfather Claims He Was A Very Disobedient & Self-Centered Kid


Kanye West is known for his music yes, but lately more for his Twitter rants, award show outburts, and egotistical proclamations. Kanye has even claimed to be the greatest living artist. Well it looks like Daily Mail Online can confirm that Kanye West’s self-centered, aggressive and self-assured behavior began at an early age, and his behavior allegedly wrecked the relationship between his mother and her ex, Willie Scott. According to Scott, Kanye’s mother, Donda West, would not reform Kanye’s ways. Scott also claims Ye didn’t want his mother with him or any other man for that matter. Scott said Kanye always refused to do any of his house chores; he would only work on his music. He also described Kanye’s mother as being more restrained. He explained Kanye was the opposite, and he would let anything fly out of his mouth. Well it looks like Kanye wasn’t one for outside authority or direction, but it looks like he turned out alright. Well… musically.