Kendrick Lamar Brings Security Guard To Tears

Kendrick Lamar

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar makes a security guard emotional!


First of all, let me just establish this. I grew up in the 1990s. This was probably the most rugged period in hip-hop history. I know the 80s were tough, but those were times that were largely regulated to New York, Los Angeles, Miami and other places. The crack epidemic was fully realized, drug kingpins were born, and Hip Hop was at its zenith in the 1990s.

That said, as I started to get into the culture a lot more and go to concerts, security matched the environment. These were some of the hardest dudes in the history of man. Sometimes it was the fruit of Islam, other times it was reformed criminals that became security and most times it was literally the biggest people on the face of the earth staring down at you as you walk into a club or a venue.

That said we are in a different area! This is the Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Megan Thee Stallion era. So, this happened:

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I am not going to be critical of homeboy, because when you feel things, you feel things! But in the interest of safety and security I would be slightly concerned with somebody that was so emotionally touched by a rapper in the midst of possible danger. Or not! The truth is, this is a crazy song and Kendrick Lamar is a crazy artist (in a good way). I believe that the crowd was so enamored by this amazing performance that they wouldn’t dare try to mess it up.

I wish the security of my era was like that. Trust me, the people that protected DMX and Onyx acted like they could have been on the stage wilding out! We were wilding out! They were wilding out! Everybody was wilding out! I don’t see the K-Dot crowd as the types to cause calamity and chaos like we did.

And I really don’t know what to say also about it.