Kim Kardashian Fears Thieves Will Leak New Sex Tapes & Private Photos


Because Kim Kardashian has overcome one sex tape scandal, posts naked photos on social media almost daily, and has done countless naked magazine spreads, we are sure another tape wouldn’t cause any damage to her brand.

Word on the street is that there may be another sex tape on the way since Kim K was allegedly robbed at gunpoint of one of her phones in Paris.

Judging by what we have already seen of Kim K, it’s safe to assume there are plenty of explicit photos and videos on that device.

According to U.K.’s TheSun:

“She is reeling from the trauma of what she went through. But much of the terror and shock she is still suffering is due to the real fear that pictures and videos on her two pinched mobile phones leak online. There is footage on the devices that was only ever meant to stay private. It would be catastrophic for Kim if her personal property was made public. She’s at her wits’ end.”

A source close to Kim claims that although Kim has turned her nudity into a lucrative reign, she doesn’t wish to go through the scandalous side of it all over again.

What do you think? What do you believe? They are already calling the girl Kim Lochte.