Kodak Black Could Be Facing Some Serious Jail Time!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Things aren’t looking too good for Kodak Black.

Prosecutors are trying to make it extremely hard for the Florida rapper as they want the judge to hit him with an 8-year sentence for violating his probation!

Kodak appeared in court this week for the judge to determine if he had in fact violated his probation.

Prosecutors are demanding the 8-year sentence over an assault on a Miami bartender. The assault isn’t the only problem here, Kodak’s trip to Miami wasn’t even authorized by his probation officer.

Remember last year the rapper took a plea deal that required him to face house arrest for a year and probation for 5 years. Most laughed at the thought of Kodak Black being able to stay out of trouble that long, and apparently they were right!

Oh yeah, we have to keep in mind the fact that this week’s hearing has nothing to do with the sexual assault charges Kodak Black is still facing in South Carolina.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Kodak has been charged with six counts of violating his house arrest. These counts also include the violations of his trip to Miami and a boxing match in Ohio.

To Kodak’s defense, his lawyers maintain these were promotional events for his career, meaning he was technically working. Kodak’s PO didn’t help his case either as she expressed that he definitely needed some guidance.

I wonder what, if any, type of sentence he will receive.