Kodak Black’s “No Black B*tch” Lyrics Anger Female Fans


While some are happy that Kodak Black recently entered a plea deal giving him an early release from jail, he seems to be losing some of his black female fans by the minute.

Kodak has ruffled a few feathers with his lyrics dissing dark-skinned woman.

A video clip surfaced that shows Kodak Black rapping about only wanting “yellow bone” women because he’s already black enough.

“Where them yellow bones? I don’t want no black b*tch. I’m already black. Don’t need no black b*tch,” rapped Kodak

Kodak also raps about wanting to blow money at Saks Fifth Avenue and having to pay these lawyers so that he can stay out of jail, but of course no one was going to let the “no black b*tch” part slide. Oh Kodak.