Kwame Brown Lets Judge Joe Brown Go Off On Women…Cardi B & Lizzo!

Kwame Brown causes a terrible slander!

Judge Joe Brown has not been on TV for quite a minute, but that is ok.

Judge Joe Brown is not playing with anybody. The former TV superstar judge is now more of a social media celebrity. Every so often, we hear him go off on somebody in a way that only reminds us that he’s getting up there in age. Maybe, just maybe, his filter is completely gone.

Well, in this new instance Judge Joe Brown goes off on Cardi B and Lizzo for the content they post on the Internet. He said, its wrong “when I see Lizzo with your bare ass trying to twerk in public in front of children” and remarks about Cardi B’s previous admission that she drugged and had men raped. I have to say, judge has no qualms expressing himself. Now, I don’t actually think most people would agree with what he just said in this particular video. What I think might be wrong is that some people feel like he singling out these two women, when men also do a plethora of things wrong in the culture.

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Previous to this, I saw a comment in extremely poor taste of Judge Brown said about vice president Kamala Harris. And I just thought it was horrific what he said about our vice president. Now you may not like her and that’s perfectly your prerogative however I’m not gonna let him slander her in that way! But back to Kwame Brown, the verdict is still out on this guy. I get it he’s out for revenge and does not like some of the things people said about his basketball career. However, he’s giving Judge Joe Brown a platform to go off, kind a like hiding his hands though. I’m wondering what this guys deal is, Because I’m not completely convinced it’s genuine.

By the way, Stephen A. Smith got his revenge on Kwame Brown, focusing on his career – he says.