LGBT Magazine Claps Back At Boosie Over Gay Comments


Boosie recently revealed that he is another rapper to express that he believes TV is forcing kids to be gay. Boosie believes if things don’t change soon, the vast majority of the population will be waving a rainbow flag. He sat down with DJ Vlad last month to discuss TV shows and their gay characters, accusing producers of pushing a gay agenda. Boosie even went as far as saying he doesn’t hate gays, but he would slap one of his kids back straight if they came out as gay.

Boosie also took offense with cartoon shows featuring gay characters and relationships as well. LGBT magazine, Advocate, pointed out that Hulu debuted Rosaline, (a feature-length animated fairy tale featuring a love story between two girls), and Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe featured the first lesbian animated couple, in a leading role.

Advocate also decided to clap back letting Boosie know that TV isn’t “turning” anyone gay. They also wanted Boosie to know that family rejection is one of the leading causes of LGBT youth being homeless. Advocate tells Boosie that while he tries to find a way to deal with a child that may identify as LGBT, LGBT advocates will continue to push for greater inclusion across all realms, even rap music. What are your thoughts?