Lil Baby Exposed By Two Of Chief Keef’s BM’s, Jayda Speaks!

Jayda Cheaves seemingly speaks out about Lil Baby’s infidelity.

UPDATE: After dating Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves decided to go all in. Soon, the two would start their own family. Be that as it may, their love was not enough to protect them from public interference. Over time, consistent turmoil seemed to completely envelop their love story.

Earlier this month, two of Chief Keef’s baby mamas effectively exposed Lil Baby. At the time, Jayda already allegedly dumped the lauded MC. However, she still seems to be grappling with the shocking news. Recently, the emerging entrepreneur shared an interesting post to her Instagram stories.

“I am at a phase in my life where no matter how bad you do me… you aren’t going to have me tripping.” reads the emphatic post. Additionally, it includes, “or in my feelings enough to affect my mood or energy.” Above all, she promises, “I will cut you off, pick myself up, and carry on… I’m stronger then the negative force you tried to throw at me.”

Professionally, Lil Baby is winning. However, his romantic life seems to be crumbling. So now, why is he allegedly being exposed by two of Chief Keef’s children’s mom’s?

Recently, The Hero’s long-time partner made a public declaration. In fact, Ms. Cheaves, seemed to announce the ending of their turbulent romantic relationship. However, regarding the split, she did not include the specific details.

Of course, this has lead many eye-spy detectives to share their theories. Be that as it may, Slim Danger — the mother of Zinc, one of Chief Keef’s children — insists that she may be a compelling factor. Moreover, she readily insists that the “Bussin” MC refused to pay her full “hush money” fee.

Currently, the affluent artist has Hip-Hop’s ear. Nonetheless, he also appears to have the ladies attention. In fact, the self-professed Squirt God levies a burning claim. She alleges, “And when you don’t come correct and your hush money is short these the pics that girlfriend gets, thank you Jayda.”

In addition, another one of Chief Keef’s baby mama’s speaks on the ATLien. Without a doubt, she too, offers a salacious account. Yes, Simone Shontell definitely has a story to tell about the “Do We Have A Problem” rapper.

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Ultimately, Simone uses a text message to prove private admiration from Lil Baby. So, the suggestion to “pull up” can certainly be interpreted as some kind of interest. Finally, Simone proposes that Slim Danger is preoccupied with her v*gina visitors.