Lil Durk Celebrates His Metaverse Takeover On The NASDAQ But…There’s Always A But.

Lil Durk - Golden Child (Official Video)

Lil Durk celebrates his Metaverse takeover with NXT G3NZ billboard at NASDAQ building

Lil Durk is one of the biggest stars ever at this point. And he’s only getting bigger. For today, in New York City, he made an appearance at the NASDAQ. Right there in Times Square! We were one of the outlets that was out there representing. Shout out to Slops!

There was some legit press, however, every media outlet is not a real media outlet. And every journalist is not a real journalist. Somebody decided that they were going to break complete protocol as a professional and bumrush Lil Durk in an effort to get a picture with him. She got the picture, but she disrupted the entire press conference, forcing Lil Durk‘s team to whisk him away. After she did that, other journalists decided they were going to try to get their picture as well. Most failed, but some did.

But, this is really a big moment for bro. He was announcing his foray into the metaverse and we should have been able to speak to him about more than “body counts” or “beefs.” That is what WE do. This is huge news, but we did not get a chat with Durkio. We DID get pictures and a bit of video.

Our homie T @iamcomplex got the goods before the event was ended abruptly!