Lil Durk is Flexing on IG, Pays “All CASH” For Big Ticket Item?

Lil Durk

Money-making Durk!

Seemingly, Lil Durk continues to diligently share his creativity. By the same token, his anticipated effort, 7220, is set to drop on February 22. However, until then, the Midwest musician is keeping himself occupied. Recently, he is seen flexing on IG. There, The Voice declares he pays “all cash” for this big ticket item.

Although, Mr. Banks does not include a bill-of-sale, his previous actions allow him to stand upon his fortified word. Actually, the item to which he alludes is a gleaming white Ferrari F8 Tributo. So, normally, this luxurious vehicle boasts a staggering starting price of $275,000.

However, the “Laugh Now Cry Later” lyricist boasts that he is sans a car payment. Furthermore, the social media post depicts a self-assured Senor 2X. So, to help capture the celebratory moment, Durkio uses three candid photos.

Initially, the first photo showcases the crouching Chicagoan. Albeit, he is extending both of his middle fingers. However, he is securely holding onto stacks of cash. Next, the second picture focuses on his F8 and the amount of cash he is carrying. Finally, the third photograph showcases a strategically sprawled Lil Durk.

Certainly, the rewarding red bow speaks to his accomplishment. Moreover, he matter-of-factly captions the post with, “I really paid all cash for dat n#### I’m good … 2/22/22”