Lil Durk To Make Some Big Changes In OTF!

Lil Durk

Lil Durk is making some BIG changes in the OTF Crew and a lot of people are probably going to be upset.

Lil Durk is making some BIG changes. As you already know, Lil Durk and his girlfriend were involved in a shoot out after some men tried to run up in his house in a home invasion. Luckily, both Dirk and his girl India were well equipped and blasted back fending off the attack. I guess they are in it for life at this point.

It looks like the OTF crew is going to be going through some major changes, as Durk has reportedly kicked people out of the collective to remove snakes from the camp. Lil Durk posted a cryptic message that wasn’t so cryptic. Here it is:

And here’s another one:

Basically, what I am hearing is that Durk and the close pals are tired of dealing with the beefs and conflicts of those that are not that closely affiliated with the OTF crew. They also have apparently started issues with opps out of nowhere. However, Lil Durk and them have to deal with it as if those people put in work in the crew. Essentially, Durk is learning some tough lessons that a lot of rappers have to go through as they grow and expand their respective brands and terrain in this game. Jay Z had to do it, Nas had to do it, Snoop Dogg had to do it, and just about every other superstar in Hip-Hop had to part ways with members of their family, crew, or even neighborhood homies. That’s just the way it goes! And if you don’t know how to act, you already know it’s going down.

As you already know, Lil Durk rolls very deep when he’s out here, sometimes 100 guys are with him. And anytime you have that many people with you, especially if they are cut from a particular cloth, that is going to lead to problems every time. So, as it relates to the home invasion, it is not strange that it is being seen as an inside job. Betrayal is a whole b#tch! One would expect it to be an inside job! Durk was really putting folks on notice with that message, because it could’ve been a very quiet and private maneuver. He was letting the world know that people are getting their walking papers.