Lil Kim Has Some Words For Funk Flex’s Recent Tweet Rant


(AllHipHop Rumors) I wonder if Flex is doing this to get publicity. I will say one thing. People are genuinely beginning to have concerns for the brother. Lil Kim noted this in a recent response to Funk Master Flex. She used to be engaged to Damion ‘World’ Hardy, a G who is now serving life in prison for murdering six rival drug dealers. World was not to be played with and probably still isn’t – even in jail. WELL. Tweet Master Flex got on Twitter and mentioned that Lil Kim “tried to put World on me.” What does that mean? Sounds like she tried to get World to beat Flex or kill him. Kim says that she actually SAVED Flex from World’s clutches and then some. See below.

Remember, all of this stuff is very, very old. 2003 old. Not sure the full context of this and I won’t go looking but it certainly feels strange.
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