Lil’ Wayne’s Ex-Wife & Christina Milian’s Sister Have Some Words For Each Other!


We don’t know what Lil’ Wayne does to these women, but whatever it is, he does it well. Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright, couldn’t resist the petty itch when she commented under a video of Christina Milian crying with the “sleeping” emoji. Christina Milian’s sister Liz Milan wasn’t too happy about this as she told Toya,

“These whack a$$ hoes always trying to come at my sister. Please tell me one thing you’ve done to become known other than popping out a baby damn near 18 years ago.This bish needs to get her mind right and focus on her many failed relationships.”

Toya clapped back saying,

“U probably Googled me and came up with all of this, but I googled you and guess what I came up with…. NOTHING!!! Now ride this wave.”

Did anyone take Christina & Lil’ Wayne’s relationship serious?

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