Lil Yachty’s Dad Says F-ck Joe Budden!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Should rappers like Lil Yachty make better music?

Lil Yachty has faced a lot of criticism as folks believe he puts out low quality music.

Joe Budden even went as far as giving him credit for being one of the forces in the current rap game who is responsible for ruining Hip Hop. Budden also expressed that he feels like Lil Yachty and his music shouldn’t even be embraced since he’s allegedly ruining the culture.

Yachty’s father, Shannon McCollum, certainly didn’t appreciate the things Budden had to say about his son.

McCollum has expressed in the past that Yachty makes music for the teens and not the old heads, so I figured it would be easier for him to go at Joe than to accept the truth.

McCollum took to Instagram [in a since deleted post] to tear Joe Budden apart!

“Only reason I’m posting this so I can publicly say F-CK #joebudden N-gga u have no relevance in Hip Hop!! And on my life I bet when his album drop his numbers will be better than any project you have released. He’s done more in 1 yr than you’ve done your whole back a-s career. FOH n-ggas love trying they best to pull somebody down instead of lifting somebody up! Get that free press bruh off the back of my young’n but u still a cornball! #oldwackrapperissues, said McCollum.

I don’t think people, Joe included, don’t want to see artists succeed; I believe the problem is with the artists and the people around them not challenging them to make quality music. Then the other problem is the folks who accept and support “garbage” music. Carry on!