Look Who Is Crying For R. Kelly!

One of Robert’s mentees is flirting with career disaster coming forward, feeling bad about R. Kelly.

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By now you should know that R. Kelly is sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for some of the most heinous acts against young people known to music. OK, let’s make sure we include people like Elvis and that dude from Aerosmith, but you get my drift. Kellz is vilified as a villain and yet he still has some out here feeling that he is in the bing unjustly. They support him and believe he is innocent even!

I am not one of those people, admittedly, but I keep my ear to the street for those that are sympathetic to the man known as Robert Kelly. In the year of our Lord, 2020, we have seen weird act after weird act. Singer K. Michelle is flirting with cancel culture and has professed some sorrow towards R. Kelly. I didn’t know this but that is her mentor. She seems to be feeling a way about him being in jail versus her current career versus little children! This is a Mexican Standoff! It seems simple to me because if your mentor is a p###, then you need to basically disown him!

Internet aficionados jumped right on K. Michelle when she seemed to express sorrow for R. Kelly and she started trending! I like K and I think that she’s probably regretful of a lot of things in life right now because her career is not exactly where some of us thought it should be. She’s tremendously talented but the spectacle has overshadowed her abilities. Check out with some people had to say about her and him and the situation.


In true, K fashion…she clapped back!