Look At What Young M.A. Has Started! And Hennessy Ended!


OOOUUU! Well ain’t this some shhhhhh.

Young M.A. certainly heated up fast with her hit “OOOUUU”, so much so that a company called Lilac Co. allegedly partnered with Hennessy to release a special edition of the cognac called “Headphanie.”

Say it aint so!!! Naw bruh. I don’t believe Hennessy was really with this one.

Right now, you can only purchase the drink in Hallandale, Florida, but it will soon be available online.

This still seems like one big joke, but if not, they better cut Young M.A. a fat check. OOOUUU.

Side note: is it just us, or is her other music and freestyles better than her “hit” single?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYn_zePmvrk&w=630&h=420]