DaBaby Might Have Major Legal Issue After Assault

There is looming litigation against DaBaby after he slapped fire out of a woman at a concert.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Somebody tell DaBaby to let his security do their job! The rapper, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, was at a concert on March 7 and everything seemed ok as DaBaby went through a dense crowd at a Tampa tour stop. A woman trying to get a picture flashed the rapper with her camera, seemingly set him off. And suddenly, “WHAP!” 

DaBaby says he thought Tyronesha Laws was a man…but, I have to say, “that ain’t a defense.” Whether it was a man or woman does not mean it was not an assault and unfortunately, it was a woman. It is a bad look. Welp, Tyronesha Laws has a lawyer now and is looking to get paid for that slap even though DaBaby said sorry. “Morgan & Morgan has been retained to represent the interest of Tyronesha Laws. Ms. Laws has received DaBaby’s Instagram message. We look forward to speaking with Mr. Kirk,” said a statement from the lawyer. 

By the way, I thought DaBaby was African!