Has Love & Hip Hop Become Too Ratchet For Soulja Boy’s Brand?


Although Soulja Boy has appeared on all three seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it looks like he’s finally saying goodbye to the crazy reality show.

Soulja Boy announced via Twitter on Monday that he’d be quitting the show as he reposted an article from Complex on the topic.

He said,

“I’ve decided to quit Love and hip hop. I feel my brand is too big for the show now. It’s too ratchet. I have my own new tv show coming soon.”

Anyone that has tuned in has witnessed his turbulent relationship with his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley and their battles that have spilled over to social media.

As of lately, the former couple have had less camera time, and they have yet to be featured in a scene together.

Hmmmm do you believe Soulja Boy is really done with Love & Hip Hop? Isn’t he just as ratchet as the show though?

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