Maino Isn’t Worried About K. Michelle Starting A Biggie-Tupac-Like War


A few months ago K. Michelle was not too happy about the comment Uncle Murda made regarding her body odor on The Breakfast Club. When it was her turn to stop by, she let it be known that she would start a BiggieTupac-like war if necessary.

Maino basically opened up letting it be known that he has nothing but respect for K. Michelle. He also expressed that he felt like Uncle Murda’s words shouldn’t have been taken too seriously because what he said was already out there as Soulja Boy was one of the people who put it out there.

Despite Maino’s hard reputation, he let it be known that nothing K said in regards to the “gangster stuff” offended him. Overall, Maino seemed to express that he’s not with the drama, misogynistic lyrics, or disrespecting women.