One Of Kanye West’s Friends Shades Him On New Song?

Kanye West may have just had a defector in his crew. Listen up.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hip-Hop friends of a certain age remember the song “Mad Izm” – which featured the luminaries Channel Live and KRS-One in the 1990’s. That was the Golden Era of Hip-Hop when it was at the tippy top. Now, it feels like everything is in disorder and disarray! And Kanye West seems to be at the center of it all. Just look at this!

I will tell you! This stuff drives me crazy! But I am not going to say anything for frea of being called “judgemental.” Lets just say I am not a follower of Kanye West. Period. One person I thought was a follower of Kanye West is a man named Malik Yusef. In the past, Malik has defended Kanye as well as been a member of his trusted circle of friends and bosses. So, it piqued my interest when I heard he was going to diss Kanye West on a new song. Now, I did not speak on this rumor when I was first told. Why? I don’t tell everything I know. Also, I wanted to wait and see. There is a lot of Kanye dissing and I didn’t walk to seem like I was just making another clickbait Kanye post. Well, here we are. The rumor comes true.

Hakim of Channel Live has a new song called “Nigganometry” that speaks on a lot of issues like Nipsey Hussle, Megan Thee Stallion, Kaepernick & Jay-Z and a lot of overall issues that are facing the community at large. A reworked version of the song features Malik Yusef. “You say you a man of God, but you ain’t do the math right,” and some other stuff like “Uncle Tom-my gun.” Now, I have to confess….he does not say Kanye West’s name and the references are very general. So, if the dude steps to Malik like “Did you diss me?”, Malik can say “No, I was just rapping on a song for a friend.” LOL! Listen up and you tell me.

I am thinking these are subs, but he ain’t burning no bridges. Kanye needs that street connection that Malik Yusef brings to the table.