Was Mariah Carey’s Billionaire Fiancé Abusive?


Rumors hit Thursday that singer Mariah Carey’s would-be future husband, billionaire James Packer, broke up with Mimi over alleged extravagant spending habits. He also allegedly hated the nature of her intrusive reality show.

Sources close to Mariah are now claiming that Mariah expressed that Packer is not in his right mind and he has been violent towards her. They even went as far as saying that Packer isn’t mentally stable.

According to TMZ, sources close to the former couple informed them that Packer violated Mariah’s assistant in Greece as he did “something really bad”. He also sent her packing. The source alleges that Packer also became violent.

Apparently Packer is claiming that Mariah’s claims are simply untrue, and Mariah is just being herself, a true diva.

If Packer is in fact mentally unstable, they certainly made a crazy pair, as we’ve all heard the stories about how crazy Mariah allegedly is. Crazy or not, at least the diva is one of the best to do it.

Maybe there is some truth to the claims of violence, as a video has been floating around that seems to show Packer grabbing Mariah’s arm.