Mase Upset With AllHipHop, Calls Diddy’s Bodyguard Over Biggie Murder!

There is so much going on with Mase right now, but his convo with former Bad Boy bodyguard Gene Deal goes left!

(AllHipHop Rumors) AllHipHop plays it pretty fair and we always looks to keep things fair and balanced. And that may be to a fault. We don’t get into beefs and we don’t have any sort of agenda as independent media. So, when Mase called out Diddy, we reported on it. And when the rumors started, very quietly…in hushed tones, we reported on that as well. The thing with RUMORS is that it is basically what people are saying in the streets or online without the obligation of verifying the data. It has been this way for a long time and since we play it fair, the beef has been minimal. 

Now, I wrote a rumor about Mase and Diddy and it suggested strongly (based exclusively on sources and not my personal opinion) that Diddy has a particular issue with Mase. A lot of artists have had issues with Diddy and that’s fact. Mase sent a DM that said some things and we offered him and interview, to which we got no response. 

We may not have gotten our interview, but Diddy’s former bodyguard did. 

Mase came directly to Gene Deal and it was fireworks.  Gene was there with Diddy when Biggie was killed. Mase came direct at Gene about Puffy, Biggie, the one that allegedly killed Biggie. They go back and forth until Mase hangs up from the call. Sheesh! There is so much toxic energy. 

Gene continues to talk to Mase after he leaves the call. There is so much drama!! Gene makes it sound like Mase knew there was a hit and he stayed in a hotel with Brandy, the singer. I wonder…oh I wonder. The stories out there! 

And, Mase…hit us up when we do good like praise you for The Oracle. Rappers only holla when they mad or needs something.