MC Shan Calls Out Nas Over Exclusion from Hip Hop 50 Celebrations!

Nas, MC Shan

DAYUM! MC Shan called out Nas for not helping him, but was his anger misguided?

MC Shan, the Juice Crew legend, took to Instagram to vent his frustrations at Nas for leaving him out of the coveted Hip-Hop 50 celebrations organized throughout the first half of 2023. The Queensbridge native didn’t mince his words when addressing his fellow QB rep.

“Let me tell you something, my n#gga,” MC Shan said. “If you’re doing 50th anniversary shows and you ain’t holla at ya mans, don’t never mention my muthaf##kin’ name again. Don’t put my name in ya mouth about nothing, n#gga.”

Clearly upset, MC Shan emphasized that he doesn’t care about how much money Nas has, as he values loyalty above all else. “I could give a f##k how much money a n#gga got,” he declared. “N#gga, you put your pants on one leg at a time like men n#gga. I ain’t glorified by the sh#t you have.”

While it remains uncertain which specific shows Shan was referring to, Nas has been on tour with Wu-Tang Clan and headlined Madison Square Garden in February. He really has not been involved in a bunch of HipHop50 stuff. Mass Appeal is a company that has agency over that term and has marketed it as such. But that is not the same as Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary. To my understanding, Nas has a stake in Mass Appeal Records. They are the ones pushing HipHop50 celebrations, concerts, documentaries, musical releases, and other stuff.

Nas has shown love to his 57-year-old predecessor in the past. It should be noted that Shan has since removed the post, but you know the internet…

It ain’t Nas!!! It’s Mass Appeal! Be mad at them! LOL! Maybe he realized it and took it down.