Meek Mill Submits To 50 Cent’s Memes


Photo via Meek Mill’s Instagram

The King of petty, 50 Cent, has been killing Meek Mill in an Instagram meme war. My how the game and rap beef have changed. Meek Mill is tired of the social media beef and is bowing out of it by submitting to 50 Cent’s memes. Meek took to his Instagram to repost a post by comedian Michael Blackson. Blackson said,

“I think 50 is going to make this beef last till 2050… Just when you think this beef is over 50 finds a post of meek from his 1998 Myspace page smh. I will never beef with @50Cent that Neega’s research team will find a video of me crying during my daycare days and embarrass me.”

Meek then posted,

“Just stop @50Cent u like 40 something doing memes and sh*t… I submit to your memes lol.”

Could this be the end, or will 50 continue with his roast session? He must have hella meme interns over there LOL.