Mickey Rourke Issues A Warning To Funk Flex Over Tupac Disrespect


(AllHipHop Rumors) Mickey Rourke may be the biggest defender when it comes to who he believes is the greatest rapper!

I remember I was wondering how long it would take for folks to check people like Funk Flex and Wack 100 for speaking ill of the late, great rap legend, Tupac.

Now it’s clear that folks are fed TF up! TMZ caught up with actor Mickey Rourke, and he had some words for Funk Flex and anyone else talking reckless about Pac.

Mickey said,

“Tell him come see me to my face if you want to talk about my brother when he’s not here. You can tell any MF on the planet he got his sh-t to talk about Tupac come look me up. Come look me up at any MF time. If you want to talk about Tupac when he ain’t here come look my ass up. IDGAF about who defended him, he was one MF good dude, and if anyone wants to talk sh-t about him come talk to Mickey Rourke to my face.”

I’m with ya Mickey! Mickey says Pac was there for him during some very hard times. He also says he was there the first time Pac got shot. Mickey says the stuff Flex has been talking about Pac not getting shot is complete bull as he was at the hospital with him.

Flex always seems to take it too damn far!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOKBpxavHE0&w=630&h=420]

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