Morray Is Drowning In “Quicksand” As Label Shelves His New Music

Not even J. Cole can save him now.

Morray is apparently frustrated with his label for putting his releases on pause—no Jadakiss or Cam’ron.

The North Carolina native claims his vault is overflowing with material and that he’s not responsible for the delay. “I got so much music to drop ask the f###n labels why I can’t! ask the f###ing label why ain’t s### coming out! Ask them why they bullsh####,” Morray tweeted.

Morray’s spat is between not one but two different entities, as he’s a part of a joint venture deal between Interscope and Pick Six Records. Hypothetically, what that looks like is 6lack, Kendrick Lamar, Karol G, DaBaby, Yeat and Morray all in the same room planning their releases at virtually the same time. Not even the intern taking table notes in the aforementioned would choose to invest in a detailed rollout for Morray ahead of any of those other artists. If I’m being honest, bro doesn’t really have a dog in this fight as a new artist.

That’s not based on talent either—it’s just strictly business. Bro is literally fighting demons in an uphill battle while dodging landmines right now as he attempts to recoup his contract. The proof is in the pudding if you don’t believe me. Aside from his “High Price” single with Lil Tjay in March, Morray’s last solo release was December 2022.

Prior to that, he’d fired off six singles in what appears to be his team’s attempts to gain traction with a major single. His sole project, Street Sermons, dropped in 2021.

In a sense, maybe J. Cole was right that time when he told Morray to scrap his album and start again because he wasn’t ready. Patience is a virtue, after all. Even still, I’m not tryna hear that when it comes to this new Cole album though. Given the fact Cole and Morray are both technically signed to Interscope, you already know it’s Coleworld before anything.