Mysonne Accuses Future Of Poisoning Kid’s Minds With Drug Lyrics


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s no secret that Future’s favorite thing to rap about is DRUGS.

The fact that Future and his music have proven to be pretty influential on the culture for the last few years, it seems largely irresponsible to most.

Rapper Mysonne has been really vocal lately, and he’s had it with Future and some of these other rappers.

Mysonne’s issue with Future is the fact that Future is rapping about moving and using drugs to the masses. Mysonne says folks are dealing with poverty in the streets and they are trying to come up by any means necessary. As youngins, he says kids are very impressionable and will believe that the only way they can get it is to sell drugs.

Mysonne says he wants to see all black men be successful but it’s not okay that Future is poisoning the minds of the kids by telling them that God is blessing all the trap n-ggas and “young n-gga move that dope.”

Mysonne says we all want nice things, but at what expense. He feels like we shouldn’t be sitting back and continuing to support Future’s messages in his music.

He feels like people are blowing off the messages like “that’s not really happening”, and people don’t give him any responsibility, and he gets to get in front of hundreds of thousands of people programming their minds with messages that will put them in jail!

Mysonne says Pusha T’s music can’t be compared to Future’s music because Future’s lacks messages of the consequences of the actions, and lack of real elements in the music. He feels that Future’s music lacks repercussions.

All-in-all, Mysonne isn’t okay with kids listening to such lyrics and throwing their lives away as a result. The New York rapper wants to know what other Hip Hop artists and street-based individuals are doing to be responsible or keep people out of trouble?

He also makes a great point when he says that the labels and execs don’t care about the music because they are making money off of them, and their kids either aren’t listening to the music, or have such a great foundation that they won’t be affected. Kids growing up in the hood take these messages to heart though because they see a person from their block made it, and think that’s the way to make it too! What are your thoughts?