Nia Long Bought A Cherry Thong Because Of Her Mention On Nas’ “Oochie Wally”


It’s no secret that actress Nia Long’s name has been heavily dropped in Hip Hop for a while, and she’s been a longtime crush of many. Long previously explained to Larry King that she believed she is mentioned so much in Hip Hop because ‘Boys In The Hood’ came out in the classic and timeless Hip Hop era, and both artists and actors changed the game and gave urban music space to do it’s own thing. Nia seemed to be flattered that J. Cole was one of many that had a crush on her. She also recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel wanted to discuss her honorable Hip Hop mentions as well. While denying being “Becky with the good hair”, she revealed her feelings on being mentioned on Nas’ “Oochie Wally” track. Kimmel recited Horse’s verse on the track,

“Like Nia Long in a cherry thong with the lights on.”

To which Nia replied,

“When I heard that I got really nervous because I’m thinking has someone been in my panty drawer. Do I have a cherry thong? Did I have sex with a guy and wore a cherry thong? I was so confused. Then I thought maybe I need a cherry thong. So I actually went and got a cherry thong, and that’s how I got my husband.”

You gotta love Nia! She hasn’t aged a bit.