Is There Trouble In Paradise For Nicki And Mr. Petty?

Nicki Minaj makes a move that has caused people to think something is awry in her marriage!

(AllHipHop Rumors) When Nicki and Kenneth Petty became man and wife, the internet world was in shock! I think the streets were as well. Anyway, it looks like some things have changed…OR NOT. As you know, the internet is a Petri dish of misinformation. We live it and we love it! So, what happened?

Nicki Minaj changed her display name on Twitter from Mrs. Petty back to Nicki Minaj. The world took note and is wondering if there is trouble between the two. I could just mean that Nicki is promoting her single “Yikes.” Now, honestly, nobody is thinking about “Yikes” these days. That song came out in February, and it is now the middle of April. Since that time, a lot has changed and I don’t mean coronavirus.

Nicki’s purported spouse came into the light AGAIN as a sex offender. All of this happened when he failed to register in the state of California, where they relocated from New York. He was convicted of rape way back in 1994. He also went on some island dates with Nicki too! Trinidadians were TIGHT when they had a registered sex offender in their midst like that!

What do you think? 

Does a name change mean something or is she simply trying to push her latest song? IT should be noted that she has not been tweeting much either since February.