No More Parties In LA! Chris Brown To Enforce Strict Guest Policy!


Chris Brown is finally tightening up, growing up, and making smarter decisions. Finally a light bulb went off in the singer’s head!

According to TMZ, Breezy is now enforcing a very strict “NO GUEST” policy at his Calabasas home, in hopes of not having any more false reports and Baylee Curan-like scandals at his home.

Brown was accused of pulling a gun and threatening Curran in his home, causing the singer to be arrested.

It looks like the party scene at Brown’s home has been shut down to avoid anymore thirsty thot accusers.

Brown is even requiring his roommates to submit a written guest list with sufficient details describing who they are inviting so he can decide if he will allow them into his home or not.

Guests are no longer not allowed to bring alcohol or drugs into his home either.

Good for you Breezy!