Paranoia: Kanye West Is Allegedly Rocking A Bulletproof Vest Daily Out Of Fear


(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Kanye West isn’t holding up too well.

Yeezy Yeezy has been rather quiet lately, and he’s been noticeably absent from the scene.

According to RadarOnline, Yeezy’s previous mental breakdown has been affecting him more than his camp would like to admit.

Apparently Kanye is so paranoid that he will be killed that he’s now been wearing a bullet proof vest as a part of his everyday attire.

Sources close to him are also claiming that he’s on the verge of another mental breakdown.

“He’s not right in the head and he’s under the delusion that he’s a target. He has nightmares of being hit by bullets — he wears the bulky gear even when it’s just out for dinner!” a source told Radar.

Ye allegedly believes his wealth has made him a target, causing the rapper to beef up his security.

He has also been said to still be tortured by thoughts of his wife’s robbery last year.

Kanye has allegedly ordered a fleet of bulletproof cars, and he won’t go out without an army of security.

I can understand a bit of Kanye’s paranoia especially with what he’s been through, but I hope he seeks some sort of help to cope with it because if you are losing in your mind, you will lose in life.