Peter Gunz Denies Having A 19-year Old Girlfriend (Again)!

Peter Gunz is taking issue with reports that he has a teenage girlfriend.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I admit, I am not personally up on what Peter Gunz us up to. For me, I wanna hear more about what his son Cory Gunz is working on, that’s neither here nor there. Peter Gunz has continued to stay in the public eye for all to see, mostly through reality TV. I ain’t mad at him. 

Anyway, he IS mad at AllHipHop!

He sent a kite through something, who sent it to somebody at AllHipHop, who sent it to another person at AllHipHop, who sent it to me! “Tell AllHipHop I ain’t dating no 19-year old!” Sheeeh! So, I went to google thing stuff, just to see what is going on. 

First of all…there are a number of reports that suggest he is dating a 19-year old. Last year, this was a big deal: Peter Gunz Impregnates A 19-year Old.” I mean, there is a slew of them, if you will!

There are also a number of reports where Mr. Gunz has responded emphatically stating that he is not seeing any 19-year old! 

I don’t know where AllHipHop got this information, but It would seem like the information is incorrect. Now, I said I ain’t a follower of Peter Gunz or reality TV, but I remember THIS:

A lot of people regard big homie as a habitual cheater and baby maker, but I think he’s a Black man surviving in AmeriKKKa! Still, an unrefined Cardi B checked him hard on this day. Epic.

I have not watched “Cheaters” in a very long time, but I think they have the perfect host in Peter Gunz. I wish him well! Lets go! I am going to start watching again!