Rapper Cardi B Has A Kenyan Twin … Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

Cardi B - Tasha K

The young woman posted on social media, reminding the world just how African Cardi’s roots are.

They say everyone has a twin somewhere.

It appears Bronx bombshell and Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B also has one.

The doppelganger’s name is Nduta Mwega, and she goes by Sharon. She is from Kenya, Africa, a long way from the Highbridge neighborhood, the “WAP” chart-topper’s original South Bronx home.

Mwega took to social media to see if other people saw the resemblance, creating a side-by-side collage of the two and posting it on Instagram, captioning, “Imma leave this here, cant believe I did the shoot before her interview was out. the choice of makeup and wig synchronizing.”

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The dancer, model, actress, and self-proclaimed Cardironke, has over 83,000 followers, many of whom are smitten by her beauty.

One said, “Can’t believe we have our own Kenyan Cardi b.”
Cardi’s African friends are all for it, calling Nduta her sister.

“iamcardib better come for your sister she has started becoming expensive here in Kenya,” on person joked.


It should not come to anyone’s shock that someone in Africa resembles Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar-Cephus.

She is of African descent, with a father from the Dominican Republic and a mother from Trinidad. Often, she has had to use social media to explain her ethnicity as an Afro-Latina.

She once said on Twitter, “A lot of Americans like to tell people about their race due to their ethnicity.”

“I’m not here to defend, I’m here to educate. I am Afro-Latina. Being Afro Latina don’t mean you have to [be] Amara la Negra color neither,” she continued. “My grandmother from my mom side is not Latina at all & her father is light a####### so my mommy is light but her sibling (sic) are dark.”

Check out examples she has shared over the years of her family being mixed with African, European (Spain), and Indigenous blood.

She also posted how she has always identified as only half Spanish.