Real-Life RoboCops Join The San Francisco PD – And They Can Legally Kill People!


It looks like Robocop is coming to life as San Fransisco has voted to let mechanical bots use lethal force on humans!

Eleven years afterArnold Schwarzenegger served as the governor of California, the San Francisco Police Department has a fleet of robots ready for deployment. These robots are cable of deadly force according to multiple sources. Theses are both Robocops and Terminators!

They don’t have the green light yet but the process is already underway. On Tuesday(November 29), the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3. Authorizing the use of machines that can be equipped with explosive charges. This means, they voted to allow these mechanical beasts to kill humans. I guess they don’t watch movies.

To be honest, it sounds like the SFPD is looking for an excuse to use Call Of Duty tactics on city streets. In a game, an item like this would have the streamers wildin’ in the chat.

I guess electric tasers and talking to people with respect isn’t enough. Even when reaching for non-lethal options people still die. (RIP Daunte Wright) The chance of human error should always be considered.

Notably, the board added an amendment that states only deputies, the assistant chief, or the chief of police can activate deadly force. There will be a second vote next week before the mayor gets the final say.

Clearly, we’re, moving closer to war tactics Not to mention, what kind of tone are they setting for other police forces? In 1987, we saw Robocop patrolling the streets of Detroit in 2043.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott spoke with CNN on Wednesday. “These robots would be a last resort” he said. “If we ever have to exercise that option, it either means lives, innocent lives, have already been lost, or in the balance,” he continued.

Yet the idea of modern warfare technology didn’t sit right with Supervisor Dean Preston who voted against the plan.

“There is serious potential for misuse and abuse of this military-grade technology, and zero showing of necessity,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson Robert Rueca says robots may be used to “contact, incapacitate, or disorient” a dangerous suspect without risking the life of an officer.

Contrarily, almost every police force in the country has a SWAT team equipped with sharpshooters, what’s wrong with their hand and eye coordination in San Fran?