Is Remy Ma Preparing To Release Another Nicki Minaj Diss?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) This is bad man! It’s like watching a fight where one girl is getting the brakes beaten off of her to the point where she just gives up. Get up Nicki girl!

Remy Ma tried to tell yall that she was bout that life long ago. She showed you that she’ll shoot ya, and she showed and told you that she isn’t about subliminal disses. She’s coming for your head, and saying your name!

Well Remy already killed Nicki Minaj off with her “ShETHER” diss track, so I don’t even know what Nicki could come back with.

To be fair, we can’t sit here and act like Nicki can’t rap, but Remy said everything possible [bad] in her diss, so what could the girl possibly say to destroy Remy?

After killing Nicki, you would’ve thought Remy was going to take a little break, but nah.

Word on the curb is that Remy Ma will be dropping another diss track called “Child’s Play” today or sometime this week!

Get up Nicki! How is Remy readying her second diss track, and you haven’t even responded to her first?! The alleged artwork for the track has been released, and you know fans are already ready for it to hit the net. Nicki has still been rumored to be dropping a diss track soon, but the question is when?!

Remy told yall that she will even kill men on tracks! Do you think Nicki can bounce back from this?