Rihanna Wants Drake To Stop Making Her Hotline Bling!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know what Drake did to Rihanna, but it looks like he messed up pretty bad!

It seems like Drake and Rihanna’s relationship had ran it’s course last year, despite the affection that Drake showed Bad Bal RiRi at last years MTV VMAs! I mean Drizzy had us all wanting him to propose to Rihanna even if it was just staged or just for the moment.

Well as you know, the two were reportedly caught off guard when they ran into each other at a mutual friend’s kid’s birthday party a few weeks ago. Although it is awkward being around your ex sometimes, you would think it wouldn’t be that awkward for Ri and the 6 God to be in the same area.

Well according to OK, Rihanna is tired of Drake making her hotline bling!

To be completely honest, I think it would be hard for anyone to get over Rihanna.

Apparently Rihanna wants Drake to completely lose her phone number. An insider says,

“He still calls her several times a week, sends bouquets of flowers and gifts… but she’s not interested and just wishes he’d get on with his life.”

Dang! I know Drake is in his feelings, but it just may be time for him to move on! Should Rihanna give him one more chance?