Did Russell Simmons End The Beef Between Meek Mill & The Game?


At last! It looks as if Uncle Rush a.k.a. Russell Simmons has stepped in and squashed the beef between Meek Mill & The Game.

Remember the beef stemmed from an incident in Los Angeles, where Sean Kingston was robbed and hit in the head with a bottle. Game felt that Meek implied that Game set up Kingston to be robbed of $300k worth of jewelry.

The two rappers have been going back and forth on social media and on tracks for the last few days, and Russell Simmons has had enough. Russell took to Instagram to say,

“Hot 97 interview. Airs tmrw . Happy to announce Game & Meek Mill have stopped posting and escalating their beef. Both are heroes to me and A list rappers. Scheduling a meeting w these 2 industry giants. Game and I recently attended rally’s and meetings regarding police and community and I got to know Meek better on phone last night and he is now a real A list inspiration to me.”

Unfortunately, Game’s manager Wack 100 told TMZ.com that Russell is full of crap and that Simmons “must have discussed this in yoga classes with Meek.”