Russell Simmons' Nephew Alleges Gay, Cult-Like Rituals At Def Jam

Was there some weird stuff going on at Def Jam?

I want to say this off the TOP – I cannot confirm in anyway the allegations presented. This is intriguing though, because it comes from Jamel Simmons aka Redrum of the Horrorcore group, The Flatlinerz. This is the group that was signed to Def Jam as the genre of music got popular. They  don’t stop the accusations at Def Jam and Russ either, they go into talking about Jay Z and more! In this exclusive interview with the Murder Master Music Show – they say a lot of s**t. Read excerpts from the interview below.

 Jam Master Jay was very instrumental in their success:

“I remember Jay took me out for my 25th Birthday, and not long after that he got killed. For people who don’t know, Jam Master Jay is the reason we got signed, he signed us first.”

When asked if anyone knew anything about Jam Master Jay’s murder:

“We don’t really know about that! Who is to say what it was about. We don’t know bruh! He was one of the best, I can’t see it happening. It kind of rocked everybody because he was a good dude. We have been around a lot of industry guys and Jay is one of the realest ever.”

Coming up around Run DMC. Run according to his nephew, was a real street cat and smoked weed early on in his career:

“We use to tour with them, we learned a lot from them. In particular that’s my uncle Joey (Run). I remember when he use to live with my Grandfather in the basement. He use to teach me how to DJ. I also remember he gave me tickets to his first big show in Madison Square Garden. Joe was the m#### f***in dude who got me smokin weed, turned me onto the weed spot at 12 years old. He use to run around with the gangsters like Jimmy back in the day. He was a street n***a, clean!”

When speaking about rituals, the group was asked about witnessing rituals and Def Jam:

“Yep, Yep! I am not giving my soul up and I’m not giving my hole up! Your a##hole is connected to your spine and your spine is connected to your brain”

Surely Russell Simmons wouldn’t be like that would he?

“Like I said everyone has got a good side and a bad side. Everyone has got them eyes for you to see. That’s all I’m gonna say, I ain’t gonna say anymore that’s my Uncle and I love him. That’s all I’m gonna say on that level, on other levels we can talk, but not right now. Everybody has good parts about them but nobody is gonna get to up there with out going through alotta s**t of which I am not willing to go through.”

When asked about the success of Jay-Z Redrum said this:

“He got to the top how he got there. You are asking for answers that we could expand on but s**t is dangerous ni**a. So what I am going to say is any m#### fu**a with eyes can see. Its very clear because they want it to be clear. They want you to make a decision. I know m#### f***az that worship Satan, but they want you to listen to them because you accept it. They want you to know. They own in!”

Very interesting. If you want to listen, click here.