Safaree Probably Won’t Be Cheating Again Anytime Soon?


(AllHipHop Rumors) At some point you guys are going to learn to stop playing with people’s hearts! LOL.

Safaree is another person on the can’t seem to get right list. The guy seems to have terrible luck with women from Nicki Minaj, Miss Nikki Baby, the scammer nurse girl, to his latest, Star Divine.

At first it appeared that Safaree and Star decided to end their relationship respectfully, but then things suddenly took a turn!

Depending on who you ask, Star’s actions aren’t completely bad! LOL. Star allegedly found out that Safaree was cheating on her and decided to give away his stuff to the less fortunate. Oh yeah, she also live streamed the give away.

I guess he’ll know next time! Am I the only one that feels like cheating is not that deep to be acting out over? What would you do if your significant other gave away your belongings?

Carry On!

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